59th International Presidents’ Meeting Thessaloniki

From 28th August to 1st September our president Mária Fančovičová and president of ELSA Trnava Tereza Bajúsová attendend the 59th International Presidents’ Meeting organised by ELSA Thessaloniki
IPM is great opportunity for presidents and BEE officers to meet and discuss about main presidents’ issues, goals and expectations.

We would like to firstly thank to absolutely amazing OC (Vasilis Vouras & ELSA Thessaloniki) for making this week possible and unforgettable.

We would also like to thank to our president Diomidis Afentoulis , IB (Aleksandra Żuchowskaİrem Özener), our couch Sotiris Vergidis and the chairs for all of hard work and for all the inspiration.